"Senior and pensioner tax offset" can be found via  "Estimate" tab.

Make sure birthdate is correct, or adjust it via "Settings>General".

Note: Spouse’s taxed element of SLS zero tax rate can be entered only if spouse’s date of birth is later than 1st July 1961. This is ATO’s validation and it is mandatory, LodgeiT cannot avoid this.

If you need to update the birthdate, make sure that the form is not lock/completed. (you can find this at top right of the form, click the lock icon)

Note: In order to claim senior tax offset of the spouse, use the option "Eligible spouse lived together" via "Offset" tab

Note: ITR also contains reportable fringe benefits exempt amount which is included in Rebate income.

SAPTO offset only depends on tax offset code which user has chosen. If it is not selected, then no SAPTO is calculated. LodgeiT also shows warning when code does not match with the age of tax payer.


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