Losses are transferred when new report for the next year is created. Also user can rollover anytime from previous year using Rollover button.
Currently Capital, Tax and Deferred losses are transferred to the next year. 

ATO guide - Loss carry back tax offset tool


Company Tax Return

Individual Tax Return


Trust Tax Return

Carried Forward Loss

Company Tax Return

Trust Losses (Carried Forward Loss) in Trust tax Return (TRT)

How to use Deferred Business Losses (Carried forward Loss) in Individual Tax Return (ITR)

SMSFAR - Carried Forward Loss

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Q: How to fill in this “ADD tax loss amount from conversion of excess franking offsets”

A: This amount can be written at Financial information section at 8H field. How it is calculated you can found here.

Note: Loss carry back tax offset cannot be more than Closing franking account balance. User can read how to complete franking account records here- https://www.ato.gov.au/business/imputation/paying-dividends-and-other-distributions/franking-account/"