ProAdvisor Program are for Tax Agents and Bookkeepers only. (I.e. who has TAN or BAN)

1. Log into your QuickBooks Online Accountant Dashboard

2. Click on ProAdvisor in the left-hand navigation and select “Reedem Now” (see screenshot below)

3. Once "Redeem" has been clicked

A. For new LodgeiT Account -A form will open which requires you to enter the Primary Admin Email, Firm Name and Firm Company ID

B. For existing LodgeiT user - Login to LodgeiT, and go to Billing section, choose a plan and press "Subscribe", then enter the coupon code.

If you are an existing LodgeiT customer, its best to complete your annual term and lodgements before you activate the new coupon code. If you run out of lodgements beforehand you can “Cancel Subscription” and then activate your new coupon code.

Click HERE to see ProAdvisor benefits and tiers

Please note the following

  • Coupon will be coming from an email from 'QuickBooks Online' 
  • Allow 24 hours for an email to be sent with your free coupon code. Please ensure your details are correct and that you are the primary admin.
  • We have a 1 month refund policy. LodgeiT Plan purchased should be within that period. . You may ask your Intuit's representative that you will use the code next time or when you run our of lodgements.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancelled subscriptions and you will not lose any historical data.

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Q: How to buy additional lodgements/extra forms?

A: Ask your 'QuickBooks Online' account representative to adjust your package subscription, ie Intuit leadership need to change inclusion amounts, or you also have an option buy additional lodgements out of pocket via LodgeiT in the billing section.


The ProAdvisor Basic/Silver plan is non-renewable and can be used only during 1st year. 

The details can be found in ProAdvisor program terms