The renew process is similar to first activation and works the same way under the hood. Except it can be triggered by a Renew button on the Billing page in LodgeiT. 

Note, it requires the user to have an active connection to their QBOA file, check the connection via Gear wheel > Profile

Please re-connect your QuickBooks account by trying the 2 options below:

A. QuickBooks Online' Integration Instructions


B. Disconnect the QuickBooks connection, and re-connect it back - 

Select Gear wheel > Profile

Then "Settings" > "Import", and press "X" to remove the connection.

And re-connect QuickBooks to LodgeiT

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Q: How to buy additional lodgements/extra forms?

A: Ask your 'QuickBooks Online'  account representative to adjust your package subscription, ie Intuit leadership need to change inclusion amounts.  or you also have an option buy additional lodgements out of pocket via LodgeiT in the billing section.


The ProAdvisor Basic/Silver plan is non-renewable and can be used only during 1st year. 
The details can be found in ProAdvisor program terms