The exported files are protected and limited only to be used (importing and exporting) within the elite program and that cannot be changed by Development.

The reason for this is due to the data protection policy of sensitive data.

You can reach out to Reckon for assistance in extracting client base or you can do mail merge for yourself.

Only mail merge can be used to export client data.

Below process was made by Reckon Limited  (with permission to publish)

First, you will need to create a mail merge document for Practice Management to send out all the details you require for your report.

1. From the Home screen of Practice Management, click on the Mail Merge icon in the top toolbar, or select Mail Merge from the Data Centre button.

2. The Mail Merge windows will appear. Leave the drop down selection as 'Client details only', and click new.

3. In the window that pops up, give the template a name, and click OK.

4. Microsoft Word should now open to a blank document.

5. Open the 'Mailings' section of the ribbon. Here you will find all the options for creating a Mail Merge document. Click the button labelled 'Insert Merge Field', to access the list of available merge fields from Practice Management.

6. Select all the fields you wish to export from Practice Management, inserting a comma in between each merge field. Once you have selected all the fields you wish, click the button labelled 'Rules' from the toolbar, and select 'Next Record'.

7. Copy and paste the set of tags, so that it fills one entire page in Word.

Note: To avoid merging the records, try to 'stretch'  the template to have more repetitions than the number of clients to be exported. 

8. Save the mail merge document and close Microsoft Word.

Perform the Mail Merge to Word

Now that the Mail Merge template has been created, you will need to perform the mail merge. Practice Management will then send the selected data to Word. From here, you may wish to be able to export this list of clients to Excel.

1. Back in Practice Management, select the newly created report, and after setting any other options, click 'Perform Mail Merge'. Microsoft Word will then open with the mail merge document showing the exported data.

2. Go to the File menu, and select 'Save as'. Select to save as type 'Plain Text (*.txt), and give the document a name. Click Save.

Another window will pop up with File Conversion options. Click OK on this window without changing any settings.

Import the data into Excel.

1. Open Microsoft Excel, and Open a document. Change the file type to 'Text Files (*.prn, *.txt, *.csv) and select the document you saved in the previous step. Click Open.

2. You will then be presented with 3 options screen. On the first screen, make no changes, and click 'Next'.

On the second screen, deselect 'Tab' and select 'Comma' as the delimiter.

Finally, on the third screen click 'Finish' without making any changes.

3. The data from the Mail Merge should now appear in excel, with each field in a separate column.

You can also go to Elite PM > Home>  DataCentre> Basic Reports> Client Reports> select filters > and click on Print

Report is created

Select Print to a file and data is exported to Excel

Guidelines and process for client migration-

1. Export your client list via CSV or Excel (as per above details)

Kindly, consider the important details ie: 

*It is a user's advantage to fill as much info as needed to avoid typing manually for each of your clients.

2. Once exported please give LodgeiT support a heads-up and will prepare a dropbox for you.

Please mention your/firm name and ABN.

Note, we also offer additional field that you may want to consider ie -

Click HERE to learn more about migration process

Let us know if you need further assistance.

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