"Profile" contain the main information about your firm/account

Note: Always reach your firm via the gear wheel

Settings -> General - section for completing the firm/company information. 

"Practice Type" is used to select Tax Agent, BAS Agent, or Business. Tax and BAS agents MUST enter their agent number.

"Tax Agent declaration" will base on how you set up the "Practice Type". learn more here

This is an IMPORTANT STEP. Failure to complete organisation details will result in a form error. 

Settings -> Contact Details

This is the signatory of the firm.

In case of a tax agent, it is used for tax forms, as the ATO requires an agent's name. , Also, it is  for e-signing forms/Financial Statements by agents.

If you wish NOT to show the "Primary Contact" via "Tax Agent's Declaration" (through tax forms) , just leave "Contact Details" as blank. Learn more here (point B)

Settings -> People

Use this section to store contact details of ie, bank managers and other relevant business contacts. Not your clients.

If you want to build connections use "Relationships"

Settings -> Tax

Use this section to store the bank account (for ATO refund) and company type details. For Tax Agents, adding your bank details will allow you to default bank details to your client forms

Settings -> Depreciation

If  you plan on using the LodgeiT Depreciation Module be sure to select the correct first date. ie if you are completing a return for 30 June 2019, Depreciation Date MUST be 1 July 2020. You can also select here, if you wish to apply SBE depreication rules and use General Pool.

Settings -> Manage Access

If you need to limit access to the your team for the specific client. Also, be sure to have reviewed Team Member Restrictions

Settings -> Import

This is where you connect LodgeiT to your accounting system. Learn more

Once you have completed this step, "Getting Started" Workflow should show ticked in green (means you completed the second step)

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