You will want to decide if the tax form includes your details (Tax Agent or BAS agent) or if you want the form to simply include the client details only.

To do this, select "Settings > Contact Details", > "Use Tax Agent Details". 

If the client wishes to receive the form, you only need to uncheck.

Note: This option synchronizes only on new report creation. Make sure the tax form has been created AFTER you have customized the "Client Default "option and "Use tax agent as the contact on all forms" is ticked/unticked.

If you want to have an over-all default settings applied to ALL your clients, please check HERE

(click the image to see the full view)

For Activity Statement (BAS/IAS)

If you activate the automated activity statement collection feature, then your activity statements should be collected and prefilled by the ATO in an automated manner.

Each of our forms which are available for BAS agents such as TPAR, TFND, PS has an option to use Agent contact details on the form

The options in the "Settings > Contact Details" affect the one on the form.

User should check the portal for their client details (Address, Contact numbers, Email Address). BAS Agents have the same settings in their ATO Portal for managing where correspondence from ATO goes.

Bookkeeper/BAS Agent can manage the following option.