As an accountant, you many wish to connect your LodgeiT Clients to your QBO Clients in order to synchronise client contact names & details. (Note - Current limitation is a uni-directional sync from LodgeiT to QBOA only. We will add bi-directional sync later.)

There are 2 types of connections that can be established with LodgeiT currently -

1.  An accounting system (client's or firm's) can be connected.

The reason for this is to facilitate import of accounting information including balance sheet, profitLoss & general ledger detail. This information is used to populate tax forms, working papers & special purpose reports

2. If the accountant wants to use QBOA for client billing, then it's possible to first add the client in LodgeiT & push (uni-directional) sync the client & client details to LodgeiT.

Important thing is that the connection MUST be to the firm i.e. the entity set as tax agent or bookkeeper.

Navigate to Settings -->Import.  Select Automatically Synchronise clients.

Now be sure to synchronise existing clients. This step is unnecessary if you are starting with no clients in QBOA.

For all clients that you add to LodgeiT after the step above, that you want to synchronize, be sure to tick the box via Settings --> General. Sync client details with accounting system.