Via top right of your LodgeiT interface click "Gear wheel" and select "Billing"

Click "Buy" and select the quantity of Income Tax Return form. Click here to identify kinds of form

1st form = $88

Subsequent lodgements = $44

ie *3 lodgements will only cost you $176 (88+44+44)


- Other Forms / Returns are FREE

- Individual Tax Return is not available for "Business" account.

Learn more about the pricing here

*The discount on subsequent lodgement is available ONLY on batch buys. i.e. if you buy two forms now, you'll still need to pay the full price for the first form on your next purchase ($88). Therefore, buy as many forms as you require on your first purchase to avail yourself of the lower prices.

While, esignature is $.40/esign

Press "Purchase" once ready to proceed paying, then set-up the bank details through "Payment Information"

Select "View Payments"  to check remaining credits.

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