LodgeiT and Intuit team are working for the development and improvement of client sync, temporarily we recommend the workaround that you may use for importing your client list. 

Please see below guidelines and process on how to migrate QBO clients into LodgeiT:

1. Export client list from QBO. Learn more

The best way to do that is using advanced report

If you will use "Customise" (optional), you have to select all columns to export. Make sure to consider checking the box for:

Note: No need to include credit card, CVV and expiration date.

2. Once exported please email support@lodgeit.net.au and request an import. (we will prepare and send you the link for a secured dropbox access)

Email Subject: Request for Client list Import  - FIRM NAME - ABN 

Message (sample): 

             Hi LodgeiT, 

                I'm done with my list, please provide Dropbox link. 

                Here's my ABN # _____________ 

3. LodgeiT team will invite the user to load the file via secured dropbox.

4. LodgeiT team will check your file and update if there is any missing information. 

5. LodgeiT team will send the formatted version for client checking - A last chance for the user to request any additional information to include.

6. Once user confirmed to proceed (no correction/additional info), LodgeiT team will now migrate the client list.

7. LodgeiT team will inform the user about the completion of the requirement.

After the migration of the client list, we recommend you to process the "Client Sync" and make sure to connect LodgeiT to QBO. Learn more

The benefit of this synchronization:

1.  To facilitate import of accounting information including balance sheet, profitLoss & general ledger detail. This information is used to populate tax forms, working papers & special purpose reports. 

2. Any changes (Address, Contact number, etc) you made inside LodgeiT will automatically synchornize and update inside the QBOA.