Error/Validation: "Disabled for synchronization" - means that particular mapping is not required, i.e. you don't want to sync "Garcia Pty Ltd" from QBO with any of your LodgeiT clients.

Error/Validation: Tick/Check - means that client are already mapped/sycned  from QBO to LodgeiT


Error/Validation: "According to accounting system policy client name must be unique"

Solution: Check QBO and resolve the the 2 duplicate name. ie merged them or make the other one as "inactive" through QBO client list.

Error/Validation: "Client is already mapped"

Solution: Check QBO client list, on how it was typed.

ie on the above example, QBO has 2 different client with almost the same name ("Business name" or "Display name as"). The difference is how the "&" and "and". This needs to map accordingly. We also advise to do merging via QBO

Once the sync has been processed, LodgeiT for "G and G Solutions Pty Ltd" will show as this. It means that "G and G Solutions Pty Ltd" is the correct client.

Error/Validation: "Synchronization is in process". How long it will take? 

Solution:  Synchronization runs in background job service, usually it takes few minutes. In order to refresh and get current status it's necessary to reload the page.

The said entity/ies  has no mapping to QBO organisations, so LodgeiT exports them and tries to create new organisations in QBO. 

Due to QBO validation rules organisation name MUST BE UNIQUE, user gets these errors because organisations with same name said already exist in QBO.

To resolve the issue:

  • Either change name in LodgeiT if he wants to create new organisations in QBO.
  • Or found appropriate QBO organisations with these names and properly set mapping for specified LodgeiT clients.


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