Question: I need to enter two business schedules to one tax return under the same name but for a different product.

Solution: We do not support schedules to separate business activities but this is in our road map.

Best current option is to use Excel to record the business 1 & 2. Then get the sum and key to LodgeiT. Attach the Excel file via "Files".

Xero & QBO have methods i.,e. location, division, tags that allow multiple businesses under a single ABN to be recorded effectively.

Later we will allow consolidations. But for now, only solution is Excel.

LodgeiT is designed for import of accounting data and we are unlikely to add dual manual input sections for businesses. Ultimately, we will provision for division and consolidation where separate accounting systems are used.

Note: LodgeiT doesn't support financial statements or depreciation data allocation among multiple business worksheets. It must be done manually.